Tsunami Skippers Jump Rope Team was founded in 2006. The goal of founders Stacey Dundas and Shannon Carey is to give kids an alternative sport in Clatsop county. A sport that would help young people learn teamwork, the benefits of exercise, self confidence and respect for others.

The Tsunami Skippers have competed all over the US including WJR 2012 in Washington DC, USAJR Nationals 2014 in Long Beach, California, Pan American Championship 2016 in Orlando, Florida and now WJR 2019 in Stokke, Norway. The Tsunami Skippers have performed at Blazer Halftimes, Globetrotter shows, parades & schools all over Oregon and Washington.

For more information please contact Stacey Dundas at Tsunamiskippers@hotmail.com.

We are super proud to be able to help the Tsunami Skippers Team members with their Tumbling skills.

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