Turning Everyday Activities into Exercise

The going recommendation is one hour of active play every day – and, while we hope your kids regularly exceed that recommendation, we know that staying active during the cold and rainy season can prove a bit of a struggle. Thankfully, while outdoor sports do provide a great outlet for that energy, they’re not the … Continued

Sneaky Veggies: 3 Ways to Sneak Cauliflower into Dinner

For many, it’s more likely to become an Olympian than to get their child to happily eat – and enjoy – their vegetables. But thanks to our best friend, cauliflower, the odds may become ever in your favor. Cauliflower is incredibly versatile and, when cooked creatively, nearly undetectable to even the youngest of palettes. Here … Continued

Kuddos to You for Keeping Your Kids Active

Sometimes it’s hard to believe that we’re doing everything right as parents – but there’s one thing you’re doing right without a doubt: keeping your kids active. Whether they’re in gymnastics, or ninja, or martial arts, or soccer or baseball, what’s important is that they’re doing something active. But in case you need a reminder … Continued

Keep Yourself Fit To Avoid Injuries

Some trainers believe in the common saying ‘No pain, no gain’. Whenever you start a new fitness routine you may feel a little discomfort. At most it will last for the first few days. This pain is a natural warning sign. There’s nothing to worry about but you should pay attention to it. You can … Continued

3 Questions to Ask Yourself when Setting a Fitness Goal

3 Questions to Ask Yourself when Setting a Fitness Goal by Patrick Wood, ATC, CSCS One of the hardest questions to answer in fitness is, “What’s next?” The first step in figuring out this complicated and challenging question is to decide on your goal. For some, it might be training for a specific sport, adding … Continued